Why Should You Outsource Medical Credentialing of Locum Physicians?

The credentialing process is essential to the functioning of employed physician networks (EPNs) in both private practices and hospitals. There is a tendency for credentialing to be done haphazardly or as an afterthought after the APP contract has been signed by the physician or advanced practice professional (APP).

Today, locum tenens staffing companies provide services to thousands of physicians, CRNAs, PAs, and NPs. They staff hospitals, outpatient medical centers, government facilities, correctional facilities, and group practices. Building a candidate pipeline and vetting each candidate can be challenging for a locum tenens recruiter. Credentialing at an interim level and then at the full level can be lengthy, and time-consuming. Candidate recruitment is what recruiters do for their clients.

Hence, here is a quick gist of why you should outsource medical credentialing of locum physicians.

Management Burden

Hospitals benefit from outsourcing by reducing their headaches and burdens. An outsourced vendor is responsible for hiring/firing, raisings, time off, and other management of staff functions. As a result of this relief, the hospital has more freedom since they do not have to deal with the added costs of carrying staff members.

Default or Malpractices Stringent Check

To view the malpractice claim history of the physician, every malpractice policy he or she has ever held must be searched. Physicians often do not realize the importance of keeping a copy of a malpractice face sheet. All insurance information, as well as copies of all face sheets, can be obtained by a physician credentialing company.

Obtaining a License and Verifying the Primary Source

Licensing verification can take a great deal of time. Some physicians have licenses in multiple states, and some international candidates also have licenses in other countries. Ensure that no administrative action has ever been taken against any of these licenses by verifying each license.

Helps in Obtaining Documents

To gather these items, you have to work hard. The physician usually does not collect these documents because they do not have time to do so. The hiring of a physician credentialing company with the expertise to obtain copies of all the necessary documents, including copies of the licenses, malpractice insurance policies, and occasionally even diplomas. Background checks for locums can be greatly streamlined with this method. As soon as these documents are lost, these experts know exactly what to do in order to retrieve them.

Under Staff Issues

There are times when hospitals are short-staffed, or the number of patients is high, so locum tenens physicians can fill in. In addition to saving money on healthcare benefits for their physicians, 401K matching, salaries, and other expected permanent-hire expenses, these physicians are often on short-term contracts, which allow human resource departments to reduce their budgets.

Final Words!

Locum Tenen's work requires compliance to prevent hospitals from being exposed to fraud, abuse, and unsavory actors. To maintain a stellar reputation in the community, hospitals must mitigate risk to provide quality, affordable care to patients by outsourcing the medical credentialing of locum physicians. Credentialing locum tenens physicians and other telehealth professionals accurately and quickly can be difficult without the help of an expert credentials verification organization. Make sure to connect with ProLocums, who can help you with medical credentialing services. Contact us at info@prolocums.com via email.

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