You can sign up and enter the profile information including personal details including NPI number, contact details, educational history, work history, licensures and credentials, references, etc. After entering all the details, you can click the submit button and your profile gets created.

You will receive an email notification about new job offers.

Yes. The entire credentialing process is performed online. As all the documents are placed in one location, it is easier for you to apply with a click. By doing so, you can avoid paperwork.

Yes. If your referral starts a job, you will become eligible to receive a referral bonus.

Physicians and Advanced practitioners can create profile to search for locum jobs all across the nation.

You can reach us by filling out our form. You can also email us at for support.

Access to ProLocums jobs is completely free and you don’t have to pay.

Yes. During the interview step, you will get an opportunity to speak to the employers and clarify your queries about the job profile.

The right precaution is taken to secure your personal data and documents using password protection and industry-standard encryption. Your credentialing information and contact information will be shared with the specific employer only when you provide automated consent.

More job opportunities with lesser searches. That’s the major feature of ProLocums. Unlike traditional locum agencies, ProLocums takes into consideration all the preferences you’ve shared with us and notifies you only if there’s a strong match. More than quantity, we believe in the quality match.

You can view pay rate, job details like city, workload upfront and apply according to your preferences.

ProLocums is a low cost digital platform and recruiters don’t take cut of physician charges. Both these factors help us provide more revenue to the physicians.

You will be assigned a Physician Consultant, who acts as your advocate to help facilitate every step like picking up assignment, credentialing, travel arrangements, timesheet submission.

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