What is the Salary Range of Locum Tenens Providers?

Statistics revealed that about 1 in 3 care providers has worked as locum tenens during their career journey. 80% of providers reported that they may pursue this job somewhere in the future. However, many care providers have questions regarding how locum assignment works. Especially, they want to know about the payment. Hence, this article aims to explain the salary rates of locum tenens physicians. So, let’s go through them in detail.

Locum tenens physicians have the opportunity to work on a temporary or permanent basis for full-time or part-time. Locum assignments can range from a few days to several shifts. Some providers work as a locum in addition to their full-time jobs for earning more money. Furthermore, locum jobs are available across the nation. Hence, providers turn locum jobs into working vacations as well.

What is the average salary of a locum tenens provider?

Although rates vary, locum tenens providers usually earn better hourly rates compared to full-time permanent services. Here’s the list of locum pay ranges according to the specialty:

Even Medscape reports the list of top 10 states in the US with the highest salary:

  1.  Kentucky
  2.  Tennessee
  3.  Alabama
  4.  Missouri
  5.  Oregon
  6.  Indiana
  7.  North Carolina
  8.  Connecticut
  9.  Texas
  10.  Florida

What determines the locum tenens physician salary rates?

Here is the list of a few factors that determine the locum tenens pay rates:

Accordingly, locum tenens providers can negotiate their pay, shift preferences, days off, or allowances per diem.

What are the benefits of working with a locum tenens staffing agency?

By signing up a locum tenens staffing agency like ProLocums, providers can find ideal locum positions based on their unique skills and specialties. Even after getting a locum assignment, your relationship with the agency won’t end. With ProLocums, you will get paid via direct deposit on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, agencies will help you with credentialing, licensing, and malpractice insurance coverage so that care facilities can fill the position and providers will get locum jobs as soon as possible.

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