What are the 9 Common Questions Asked About Locum Tenens Physician Opportunities?

Many healthcare providers have heard about the locum positions but they are unaware of what to expect. Hence, this article aims to answer common questions about locum physician opportunities.

Questions about Locum Jobs

1. Who is eligible to become locum tenens physician?

All care providers, irrespective of age and stage of career, are eligible to apply for locum jobs. Despite working as a full-time doctor, you can also work as a locum tenens.

2. What are the benefits of locum tenens physician jobs?

Healthcare providers love locum jobs for multiple reasons:


3. How do locum job works?

Locum tenens always step in the place of other care providers who take their time off for multiple reasons or fill in the vacancy at a care facility with lesser staff members. These locum assignments are temporary-based and can work anywhere from weekends to months. By submitting your application via ProLocums, it is possible to find the right match for providers and care facilities.

4. What will be the designation for locum physicians?

Locum providers are considered independent contractors. They complete a 1099 form for taxation purposes. These forms are used by independent contractors for their assignments. You can consult tax professionals for more details.

5. What is the compensation for a locum assignment?

Basically, the compensation for locum assignments is very competitive. The more the demand is, the more the pay is. There is only one clause here. The providers should be willing to travel across the nation. Based on the number of locum assignments as well as the nature of the contract, the pay scale may exceed the full-time scale. The location of the job, job profile, time of the year, and duration of the assignment are the four factors that play a significant role to determine the compensation.

6. How do the locum tenens physicians get paid?

The payment is processed through ProLocums direct deposit enrollment. Unlike the traditional physician payment mode, this direct deposit enrollment is a simplified process.

7. How is credentialing managed?

ProLocums offers digital credential support where you can safely store all your credentials in one real-time location. By doing so, you can easily share them with every employer in one go, while reducing extensive paperwork. All you have to do is just e-sign wherever needed and the rest of the credentialing tasks will be taken care of by locum agencies like ProLocums. Furthermore, you can stay on top of expiring certifications via continuous monitoring.

8. How is licensure work managed?

Partnering with locum agencies like ProLocums can help you get rid of filling out licensure paperwork by assisting you throughout the licensing work. Furthermore, you can stay on top of expiring licenses via continuous monitoring and timely reminders.

9. How about other perks like malpractice insurance coverage or any other benefits?

Getting connected with locum agencies can help you with malpractice insurance coverage and travel benefits. Locum agencies like ProLocums offer 24/7 support, so you can get all your queries answered.


Final Thoughts

Having the right partner like ProLocums, you can do locum physician work wherever you want across the nation. In case you have any more questions, email us at info@prolocums.com and our team will be glad to help you.

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