Is It Necessary to Explain Gaps in the CV While Applying for a Locum Tenens Physician Job?

The purpose of a locum tenens staffing job is to work for a specific duration to avoid gaps in your CV when you are in between jobs. What if you already have gaps in your CV? Should you mention them in your CV? Are you still eligible to get a good  Locum Tenens Physician job? What are the steps to be taken to make your CV stand out? This article aims to answer all the above-listed questions in detail.

1. Account for gaps in education or work history

An employer spends just 10 seconds or less time on each candidate’s CV. Hence, it’s mandatory to make a strong impression within that period. So, don’t skip to account for gaps in your educational or work history.

2. Short gaps are not a big deal

If you have just one month gap, it won’t be an issue especially if you have got a work history of  Locum Tenens Physician job. However, if the work gap is for several months or more, you should account for them. Include the month and year of every locum tenens staffing assignment. Before submitting the CV, do scan it for any prolonged gaps.

3. Add explanation for significant gaps

Make sure to add one line of explanation for your educational or work history gaps. For instance, if you have 2 years gap before joining a medical school, mention what you did at that time. Add a one-liner explanation like this: “Worked in the hospitality sector to earn money for joining medical school.” You can mention this line in the place of the role summary.

4. Be brief

Avoid providing exhaustive details. It’s better to be brief. In case you took time after adding to your family, just mention “taking time for parental leave.” You don’t have to give more details.

5. Add non-healthcare related job if any

Usually, the CV should be focused only on your healthcare-related profiles only. However, in the case of major educational or employment gaps, you can mention your non-healthcare-related work as well. The reason behind adding them is only to explain what you were doing during the major gaps in education or employment. Still, make it very brief. Just add only one line that summarizes your activity. There is no need to mention your job responsibilities in detail. At the same time, make sure to highlight the aspects of your past roles that can successfully complement the current healthcare position that you are applying for.

6. Highlight the educational experience you achieved during the gaps

If you had any certification courses during the gaps in professional history, make sure to add them to emphasize your conscientiousness. Also, include less formal experiences as well that could be relevant to your medical jobs. Here’s an example. If you have taken your time off for taking care of a sick family member, think about adding a summary like this: “Worked as a full-time caregiver by checking vitals regularly and administering the medications.”

Final Thoughts

Follow the above-listed tips to ensure your CV stands out by accounting for educational or professional gaps briefly if any. Having gaps in your professional life is very much possible. So, remember that there is no need to apologize for having any significant gaps.

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