How to Find the Best Healthcare Staffing Locum Agency?

The increased demand for Locum physicians in the USA has made the locum industry worth billions of dollars. This increasing demand for locum staff has ensured a flourishing business for these locum tenens agencies.

While the locum agencies are staying here the need for locum staff will get worse. But the increasing number of agencies that help doctors find locum jobs is making it difficult for healthcare staff to choose the best healthcare staffing locum agency.

Well! You can find the best medical staffing locum agency by distinguishing between the best locum agency for you from the rest agencies. Here are a few tips that can help you find the best locum agency for you.

How can you find the best locum staffing agency?

Sometimes the availability of a lot of choices makes it difficult to make a decision. Healthcare staff often experience this challenge especially while considering working as locum tenens. Selecting top locum tenens agencies can be gruesome — especially when there are dozens of alternatives— from solo recruiters to big corporations offering thousands of locum jobs.

Here are a few tips that can help you find the best locum staffing agency for you:

Ensure that you are not the one who is paying:

Always ask the locum recruitment agency how you will be paid by the hospital or party hiring them. Also, look to ask how much you will be paid before accepting work. If the agency says you to pay, then do not take up the job offer.

While locum agencies are there to help you find your next job. Still, that doesn’t mean that you are the person who must pay for their services. Instead, it’s the facility that pays for your work.

Communicate your preference:

Make sure you know what you need when seeking out a locum agency. It’s easier to find the right agency if you have rational expectations. You also need to differentiate between what you want versus what you need. Once you know your needs, it’s much easier to find an agency that can meet them.

Avoid exploring different locum agencies after finding the right one:

Finding the right agency to work with can be tricky. However, once you find the right agency, they’ll likely help you find your next job. Even if you are trying to find multiple agencies, it’s best to work with one agency that understands your needs and goals. No matter what your situation is or how many agencies you are dealing with, make sure you are working with someone who is dedicated to making sure your job search is a success.

Check the communication of the agency:

A good agency will keep you informed of new locum job vacancies. They’ll notify you about every step of the process, including:

  1. Finding assignments.
  2. Interviewing.
  3. Negotiating.
  4. Closing.

Throughout the recruiting and assignment process, the agency must ensure constant contact with you. By ensuring constant communication the agency helps to take care of any difficulties you might face during the recruiting process or during the assignment.

Check the privileges you get:

Locum work allows you to work in other regions and gain valuable experience. However, locum practice is not without any challenges. Locum doctors should consider choosing an agency that helps them acquire the proper licenses and hospital privileges. Also, ensure if the agency provides malpractice insurance or not.


By ensuring to follow the tips you can find a good healthcare staffing locum agency. A good medical staffing locum agency helps you find good locum jobs based on your preference and ease. Before you select an agency, do your research. Ask some of the other locum doctors you’ve worked with if they’ve had a good experience with an agency. Word of mouth can go a long way to giving you the assurance you need.

If you are still struggling with finding a locum agency try considering ProLocums which is a physician-driven locum tenens platform.

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