Faqs On Medical Credentialing Service

Credentialing is a designated term for a process involving the verification of the competency of a professional based on educational qualification, training, licensing, and professional work experience. Privileging is the next step of credentialing which involves a grant of approval to a medical healthcare provider to be able to treat patients and practice medicine based on his/her education, training, and competency demonstrated in the medical credentialing process.

How medical credentialing service works?

There are a variety of online medical credentialing service provider agencies like ProLocums which assist healthcare professionals like locum tenens during the credentialing process. Medical credentialing ensures that the locum provider is competent enough to practice the medical profession on basis of his/her level of education. It is beneficial for the employer/hospital because they will hire only locum tenens who demonstrate competence on basis of their medical credentialing. It is beneficial for locum tenens because it is a grading system of level of education, experience, and competency which will help them to treat more patients and perform a greater number of medical procedures. It is beneficial for the patients and society as a whole because the system ensures that the healthcare professionals rendering medical healthcare are certified and competent enough to do so. The credentialing authorities (credentials verification organization or CVO) will ensure that the medical credentials of all practicing locum doctors are valid at every point in time, and those who are not valid will not be able to practice medicine or treat patients till they get it re-credentialed.

Who needs medical credentialing services?

Any practicing healthcare professional needs to get medical credentialing. Online medical credentialing can benefit all practicing locum professionals such as physicians, dentists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthopedics, etc. Any resident doctor or intern studying and working in a hospital need not get medical credentialing because they are practicing under the supervision of professionals who are credentialed. Even hospitals and other medical institutions need to get medical credentialing. Medical facilities such as ambulances, dialysis centers, home health services, laboratories, radiology centers as well as urgent healthcare centers need to get medical credentialing services.

What is the process of getting a medical credentialing service?

Online medical credentialing service is usually a cloud-based application-supported process. The medical credentialing service will assist locum professional in all steps involved. The process involves documentation and uploading of all necessary educational certificates and professional experience details. The process can take as long as 3 months, so it is advisable to start early. The locum doctor, who is undergoing the process of medical credentialing, cannot practice; the right to practice begins after the credentialing is acquired. The process varies as per the facility and state where the online medical credentialing is done.

How can you keep track of your medical credentialing process?

Most online credentialing services are cloud-based applications that allow healthcare professionals as well as hospitals to follow up and check the status. They also guide any query or correction required from the side of the care provider, making the process fast and transparent. Some CVOs prefer electronic documents while others demand paper-based or a combination of both.

How much does an online medical credentialing service cost?

Medical credentialing service cost varies from specialty to specialty, from CVO to CVO, and from one facility to another. However, it usually falls in the range of two to three hundred dollars. Some authorities have a norm of reimbursement of a partial fee after the successful completion of the credentialing process.

How often medical credentialing is supposed to be renewed?

The hospital facilities have a re-evaluation period of 1 to 3 years. So, all healthcare professionals are supposed to keep their medical records and credentials updated and ready for periodic evaluation. The periodic evaluation ensures that all locum doctors are constantly upgrading their level of education so that they can handle more patients. Also, those who do not fulfill the requirement are not able to see patients at the facility. And the reinstatement requires them to complete the entire process again.

Wrapping Up

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