Connect with Locum Staffing Agency to Expedite Physician Credentialing

Looking for quality locum professionals you can count on? Get in touch with ProLocums which redefines the entire healthcare staffing ecosystem so that you can take care of your patients. Yes, you heard it right! Make sure to refer to this article to gain in-depth knowledge of how ProLocums helps.

How do employers initiate the locum hiring process?

Thus, you require a locum. You know that. It is known by your team. However, other decision-makers are probably involved in the approval process. It is normal for a healthcare practice to demand locums' support, just for directors to ignore or decline, desiring to have their full-time staff manage the workload in spite of having the shortage.

Working with the healthcare practice or organization to gather all the necessary justification for the position, including budgets, patient volume, and schedules can increase your chances of success.

It is time to begin your search once you have been given the go-ahead. You will prepare the job description as the next step including the starting date, duration of locum assignment, expectations, etc.

By getting in touch with a recruiting agency, there is a possibility of a lack of transparency in rates for both employees and employers. This is where digital healthcare locum staffing agencies like ProLocums intervene. ProLocums can efficiently take care of the entire staffing process starting from vetting appropriate candidates to medical credentialing, malpractice coverage, easy invoicing, and scheduling options. Thus, employers can avoid headaches down the road.

Possible difficulties to look for

Perhaps the most widely recognized issue that emerges is getting inadequate data from the candidate. Being presented with a basic candidate who lacks the necessary qualifications for the assignment is yet another issue.

By working with a reputable company like ProLocums, you can help prevent this by organizing everything in a safe digital wallet and communicating clearly with the provider. By securely archiving all requests, data, and verifications, our medical credentialing procedure can improve everything.

Once the locums staffing agency takes care of hiring, the credentialing system can be very smooth. Just remember to keep the lines of communication open in order to spot obstacles and keep things moving in the right direction. A proper locum staffing agency can be a strong accomplice in the meantime, saving you time, cash, and headaches.

How ProLocums helps with medical credentialing?

One important way to make the provider feel at ease and ready to talk is to set expectations.

You can forward the locum's CV to the decision-maker after confirming that they possess the necessary certifications and skills. The medical credentialing process begins if approved.

The major objective of credentialing is to verify the clinician's professional experience and training by getting and assessing qualifications. This is accomplished by utilizing primary sources to verify the documents such as education, residency, career history, training, specialty certificates, licensing, malpractice insurance, as well as hospital requirements.

With ProLocums, all of the credentialing documents required by your hospital will be stored in a safe digital wallet that can be shared simultaneously to speed up the process.

ProLocums will act as a link between the provider's office and the medical staff. They will guarantee you get what you want, answer questions, and reduce communication back and forth.

Generally, credentialing can be finished in the span of not many weeks to months. This is only possible if the care provider responds promptly and turns over the paperwork. If the provider already has credentials in place, the process will move much more quickly.

Background checks help to preclude any up-and-comers who have negative authorizations. Here are the three databases most often utilized:

  1. Board Action Data Bank of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)
  2. National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB)
  3. American Medical Association Physician Masterfile (AMA)

Final Thoughts

What are you waiting for? Be in touch with the ProLocums team. You can also create an employer account, search for clinicians, expedite physician credentialing, and hire physicians as fast as possible.

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