Can you make locums position your full-time career?

Medical professionals usually consider locum tenens opportunities as only temporary assignments that won’t offer a steady income for a prolonged duration. However, that’s not true! 

Providers who would like to pick up practice hours in a flexible manner and fill vacancies were interested in locum tenens job opportunities. But now, the lifestyle of locum providers has changed to meet providers’ needs for independence, flexibility, freedom, adventure, and mobility.

Currently, 85 percent of healthcare facilities including hospitals hire locums to address physician shortages and fill vacancy gaps. Hence, you get ample opportunity to make your locum tenens position a full-time job.


How Can I Make a Locum Tenens Opportunity Full-Time?

Working as full-time locum tenens providers can offer a steady, secure, stable, and fulfilling way of life. Follow the below steps to make it work:

  • Stay in touch with a trusted locums agency - Refer trusted locums agencies like ProLocums from your side which will help you transit smoothly from one assignment to another.
  • Have a solid CV – Make sure to update your CV that includes work history, certifications, licensures, malpractice history, and references so that your onboarding occurs quickly.
  • Be open to multiple locum tenens providers’ opportunities - Be more versatile to multiple locum jobs to get your schedule full. Do not just accept only one type of assignment. Branch out to multiple opportunities by trying varied specialties, settings, facilities, patient populations, and regions across the country.
  • Expand your licensure. If you are a physician, get licensed through the interstate medical licensure compact to get access to a world of opportunities.
  • Mobilize quickly - To keep your locums' plate complete, make sure to configure your life for accepting multiple assignments swiftly. Be ready to accept locum assignments nearby in case you are unable to go out of state. Though locum assignments are arranged well ahead of time, getting ready for emergency assignments could be a real bonus for you.
  • Have a solid reputation - Make sure to build a strong positive relationship with your network and continue to learn. Providers who are flexible, professional, and efficient are more likely to be retained. Hence, you will get an opportunity to become a desirable candidate for locum assignments. 
  • Increase your compensation - As locum tenens jobs offer attractive compensation mainly for specialties or during patient surges or provider shortages, opt to work in areas with higher earnings. By doing so, you can try to make it a full-time opportunity.

Final Takeaway

Locum tenens providers enjoy many benefits such as a flexible schedule, less stress, varied work settings, an expanding network, proper work-life balance, travel opportunities, and much more. On top of that, you will get an opportunity to test practice before proceeding with a permanent commitment with them.

Does it sound like an ideal career to you? What are you waiting for? Make locums a full-time rewarding job by following the above steps. For more details, visit



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