Can Locum Tenens Providers Help Mitigate Patient Readmission Rates?

Should there be a significant increase in patient readmission rates, hospitals will be penalized. Fortunately, there is a solution care facilities can implement to reduce the likelihood of receiving penalties. And that is hiring a locum tenens provider.

This article aims to explain the significance of higher patient readmission rates and how locum tenens can fix this issue. Let’s explore this in detail.

The Issue of Higher Patient Readmission Rate

Patient re-admission seems to be a major burden to hospitals across the U.S. which leads to an increase in healthcare expenditure. To bring this issue under control, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) penalize care facilities when patients get re-admitted for treatment.

At present, the penalty is applicable if patients get re-admitted within 30 days of their original hospitalization. The conditions that come under this regulation include:

The penalty for hospital readmission may go up to 3 percent of CMS payment.

In spite of implementing penalties, nearly 2,600 hospitals in the U.S. were penalized in the year 2015. Approximately, $500 million amount was withheld by the CMS. For more details about these standards for penalties, refer Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program listed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Although several patient readmissions are unavoidable, many are easily prevented by providing the right support. This is where locum tenens help to reduce the likelihood of a penalty.

How Hiring a Locum Tenens Can Help Mitigate Patient Readmission Rate?

Multiple studies have reported on the factors that can mitigate patient readmission rates. Those factors include:

This is where locum tenens providers intervene to offer the above-listed services thereby helping hospitals to mitigate patient re-admission rates.

Due to busy schedules and burnout issues, full-time providers are unable to follow up with their patients. Locum tenens intervene to relieve some of the burdens lying on full-time care providers. They provide timely follow-up care while offering additional support to busy hospitals. Furthermore, they can even educate the patients about the significance of healthcare management post-discharge. With locum tenens timely support, providers can treat their patients efficiently during their initial stay.

Final Thoughts

Is your hospital looking for the right solution to mitigate the patient readmission rate and CMS penalties? Hiring locum tenens providers can help deliver exceptional clinical outcomes. At the same time, they can save your hospital from harsh CMS penalties.

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