Be Aware of Locum Job Market before Applying via Medical Locum Agency

‘Locum Tenens’ in Latin means “to hold a place.” Care facilities recruit locum providers to fill their vacant positions temporarily, especially during the huge demand in patient care delivery. Any physician or an advanced medical practitioner is eligible for a locum job.

Once you have decided to apply for locum jobs, you should be updated with the locum requirements, pay scale, and how a medical locum agency will help to expedite the hiring process. So, let’s go through them in detail.

Requirements for Locum Jobs

1.      Have an up-to-date CV

An up-to-date CV is mandatory for the locum recruitment process. So, keep it complete so that the agencies won’t go back and forth with you for updates.

2.      Include minimum 2 referees

To add credibility to your application, add two referees. Don’t add any two referees just like that. Choose them logically to accelerate the hiring process.

3.      Preferred workplace

Location is the crucial factor before applying to any locum job. To narrow down the right locum opportunities, prioritize the locations where you would like to work.

4.      Add proper contact details

To reduce any delay in the process of hiring, make sure to add correct contact details so that you will be notified of updates in your locum path.

5.      Access to Credential documents

The sooner employers receive your credentials, the sooner credentialing will get completed. Furthermore, you will get a clear idea of the multiple options available in the locum space. Visit ProLocums website to find the list of documentation you need for credentialing purposes. 


What is the average pay for a locum tenens job?

The full-time locum tenens providers, on average, earn nearly $32.45 per hour. However, location, specialty, experience, as well as other factors can make a huge impact on the pay scale.

Here’s the list of average locum pay ranges for various specialties

What are the factors that determine the pay rates for locum jobs?

A tech-enabled healthcare staff locum agency like ProLocums ensures that providers like you will have the following benefits:

1. Consistent job opportunities in huge volume without any broad downtime between assignments

2. Multiple preferences according to your unique requirements.

3. Access to more specialty jobs with the options of faster digital credentialing and licensure support.

4. Ongoing monitoring to keep credentials and licenses compliant.

5. Stay on top of expiring certifications.

6. Comprehensive malpractice coverage

7. Competitive rates with a higher percentage of revenue, especially in ProLocums.

8. The automated faster payment process.

Why should you partner with a healthcare staff locum agency for getting locum jobs?

A tech-enabled healthcare staff locum agency like ProLocums ensures that providers like you will have the following benefits:

Closing Thoughts

You may experience difficulty in finding the right locum job. Medical locum agencies like ProLocums can make it happen. Sign up today, create your profile, and find the best locum provider opportunities. Our AI-based ProLocums website will connect you with the right healthcare facilities according to your unique preferences so that you can practice medicine on your terms.

For more information on locum opportunities, contact us via email at, and we’ll help you in ensuring a smooth process. 

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