16 Tips To Set You Apart From Other Candidates To Land The Locums Position You Expect

Providers seeking locums job find themselves competing with their peers for the best opportunities. To stand out in the locums market, just having a curriculum vitae (CV) is not enough. It should be well optimized, organized, and employer-friendly which really sets you apart from other candidates.

This article aims at providing 16 tips to make your existing CV a solid one with all the trappings that healthcare facilities prefer so that it can top the locums' list. 

16 Tips to optimize your CV

An employer spends only 10 seconds or less on average reviewing a resume for apparent value. Hence, your CV should make a significant impact within that duration. After all, your ultimate goal is to get shortlisted. For that, the CV for a locum provider should demonstrate value with clear, concise, and well-defined statements.


In a nutshell, your CV should be a road map of your career and not your biography. So, make it employer-friendly by following the above-given pointers. 

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