Will locums be the right fit for your organization?

One of the most nail-biting concerns for both providers and healthcare facilities regarding locum tenens is: Will locums be the right fit?

Getting the right matches between providers and healthcare facilities could be a real challenge as multiple factors play a vital role. At ProLocums, we make it hassle-free by offering an easy-to-use transparent digital platform that connects skilled providers with healthcare organizations who are searching for the best locum staff.

Here is the list of ways how ProLocums helps to connect both providers and healthcare facilities: 

Protecting Providers

It is very important for providers to be fully aware of their job responsibilities before they join a new hospital or healthcare facility. At ProLocums, we make sure to prepare our providers so that they know exactly what is expected of them. 

For instance, a surgeon who applies for a locum doctor jobs might be comfortable working with only adult patients. What if the hospital wants him to handle pediatric cases as well? To avoid that confusion, you will get an opportunity to clarify upfront. As a result, our team will either get a better match for that surgeon or talk to the healthcare facility to make separate arrangements for pediatric cases.

When it comes to providing a quality match, our team will make sure the providers are fully aware of the expectations of their locums' assignments and eliminate the element of sudden surprise.

Protecting Healthcare Facilities

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare facilities were understaffed. In order to fill the vacancies, the care facilities were not able to properly credential their providers. That’s where ProLocums comes in.

To address physician shortage issues, especially during times of urgency, we assist care facilities with the credentialing process. 

Our AI-based intuitive platform includes a digital credentialing process that helps healthcare facilities get the best quality matches as soon as possible according to the preferences they provide. 

In case there is any misalignment between the provider’s skills and the healthcare facility’s requirements, our team will work with employers to get someone else. If that doesn’t work, our process offers plenty of time to get the quality matches according to the employers’ requirements.

Protecting Patients

Getting quality providers according to the unique needs of the healthcare facility is the major criterion to protect the patients. At ProLocums, we consider that responsibility seriously. We make sure that the providers are skilled enough to deliver the best possible care to their patients. 

Our digital credentialing process is faster, more accurate, and more detailed. By collecting all provider credentials in one place, our AI-based intuitive platform scrutinizes candidates’ education history, work experience, and training. The platform is enabled with continuous tracking and automated follow-ups to keep records compliant and stay on top of expiring certifications.

By paying attention to the digital credentialing process, we ensure that we’re not putting the patients at risk by sending inefficient providers.


The above-mentioned list is some of the ways where we strive to provide quality matches for providers and healthcare facilities to deliver quality care for patients.

If you are interested in finding quality matches, start your locum job search right away.

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