Why Should You Outsource Medical Credentialing for Locum Tenens?

It can be hard for a locum tenens recruiter to build a healthy candidate pipeline and then vet each candidate. It can be a lengthy and time-consuming process to conduct interim credentialing and then full credentialing.

You are trained to recruit candidates for your clients as a recruiter. However, locum agencies like ProLocums are prepared to vet applicants; Therefore, why not dedicate this portion of the task to an experienced agency that may produce more comprehensive results? It ensures that your candidates are always of the highest quality and saves you time and effort.

Let's talk about the top five most important issues with physician credentialing.

1. Gathering Records

Frequently, doctors lose significant records. These documents include copies of their current licenses, face sheets from their malpractice insurance, and occasionally even their diplomas. It takes a long time to get these things together. Most times the doctor lacks the opportunity and energy to assemble these reports.

During the locums' background check process, hiring a locum agency like ProLocums with extensive experience and expertise in obtaining these kinds of documents can save a significant amount of time. These professionals know precisely how to get these lost documents back and replace them as soon as possible.

2. Licensure Verification and Primary Source Verification

Licensure verification can be very time-consuming. Some physicians hold licenses in more than one state, and international applicants have also held licenses in other nations. To ensure that no administrative action has ever been taken against any of these licenses, license verification will need to be carried out.

A candidate's complete primary source verification takes time as well. Because they know exactly where to get the information from the primary source, hiring a seasoned credentialing company can speed up the process. Additionally, credentialing firms typically have the required third-party PSV accounts set up for faster reporting.

3. Malpractice Claim History

A query on the physician's malpractice claim history must be run against every malpractice policy they have ever had. Most of the time, doctors don't think about how important it is to keep a copy of their malpractice face sheet. The physician can get copies of all face sheets and all information about their insurance from a credentialing company. After that, the credentialing company can run queries to check for malpractice claims history to make sure that no malpractice claims have been filed. The credentialing company can obtain the necessary information from the physician and the insurance company if a malpractice claim has been reported.

Wrapping Up

Do what you are good at as a recruiter. Make sure to pass on the candidates' vetting process to the experts at a locum medical credentialing agency like ProLocums. Don't take a risk of missing something that could cost you a contract or the reputation of your business.

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