What are the CV Mistakes You Should Avoid During Locum Tenens Job Application?

Before getting into this topic in detail, remember that care facilities hire locum tenens providers and not their curriculum vitae (CV). So, always make sure to have a compelling and well-crafted CV to get a foot in the door while exploring new job opportunities.

A great CV outlines your exceptional qualities while encouraging your employer to learn more about you. Hence, it should be concise, and easy to read, with precise information about your objectives, education, and work history as a healthcare practitioner.

Despite having years of experience, many healthcare practitioners still make mistakes while creating their CVs that might affect their chances of getting potential job opportunities.

Hence, it is mandatory to have the perfect CV for every locum tenens provider to make sure agencies like ProLocums can efficiently and accurately get the best placements for you. 

To that end, this article aims at sharing the most common CV mistakes so you can avoid them while creating a new one or revising your own:

1. Presenting Insufficient Details 

As mentioned already, a CV is meant to sum up your professional experience. Only then, the employer can get a clear picture of who you are. Hence you must get it right. A perfect CV for locum tenens providers should have the following sections with specific details as mentioned below: 

2. Missing Details about Employment Gaps

If there is any gap at any point in your professional career or education, make sure to account for these gaps on your CV without fail. Nearly 70 percent of employers reported that they consider gaps in medical education as a major factor while choosing providers for residency job positions. Though staffing a locum provider is different from filling a residency, it is always good to address gaps in the CV if any.  

3. Improper Formatting

After including all the necessary information, make sure to check for grammar and spelling. Do format your CV so that it will look neat and easy to read for anyone who comes across it. 

The font type and size should be big enough to read. The paragraphs can be broken up into bulleted lists. Bring contrast between sections by using section headers in bold or italics. There should be a clear differentiation between sections, but make sure to follow a consistent pattern! At the same time, don’t overwhelm the reader with multiple font colors.

4. Creating a Lengthy CV 

You may have a lot to express about yourself in detail, but they can be overwhelming and make the employers feel difficult to digest.

A locum tenens CV should have a minimum of two pages, but do not extend it to more than four pages. The major goal of the CV is to understand your expertise. So, make sure to keep it short and easier to skim through.

5. Submitting Your CV to the Same Employer Twice

It is highly recommended to avoid submitting the same CV more than once to the same employer. Make sure to maintain an accurate list of where you have submitted your CV. As long as you have an updated list, it is possible to easily evaluate which job positions you have and haven’t applied to. 

6. Not Getting an Expert Help

As you are an independent care professional, you may not be interested to show your CV to your family, friends, or colleagues for an export option. Don’t do that! Make sure to have others evaluate your CV and give you honest feedback.

Even if you don’t want to approach your family and friends, consider approaching a healthcare staffing agency like ProLocums. Ask them to review your CV and provide expert advice.

Have you reviewed your CV? 

The above-given pointers are just common CV mistakes that you should avoid. Make sure to review your CV and keep it crisp, concise, accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. 

For help in your job search, visit prolocums.com. Happy job hunting!

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