What are the benefits and features of digital medical credentialing?

Medical credentialing is the process of assessing the educational qualifications, professional background,

and training/internships of a care provider. Although provider credentialing existed for years, it received a

formal structure only around 1990. The national organizations only defined the credentialing criteria that

include the verification of board certifications, work history, malpractice claims, etc. with the primary

source of the respective credential.

This article explains the advantages followed by the major features of the digital physician credentialing


What are the advantages of digital physician credentialing unlike manual credentialing?

Wondering why you should choose digital physician credentialing over the manual one? Here’s the reason.

Manual medical credentialing

Manual medical credentialing deals with enormous data. Hence, there is a possibility of a high error ratio.

Furthermore, it gets stored in multiple files thereby compromising data security. It is more expensive as it

takes more time to assess providers’ credentials. This process is completely paper-based as it involves the

over-utilization of papers. It is hard to move and access the manual files which would negatively affect the

credentialing process. You will experience difficulty to maintain compliance and having a secure and

seamless credentialing process. On top of that, it is difficult to track deadlines and renewals where

expirations could lead to more complications.

Digital medical credentialing

Digital medical credentialing is automated which saves costs, and time, and reduces the risk of errors while

managing enormous data efficiently. The credentials will be stored in a centralized storage space to ensure

additional security of confidential data. It is possible to onboard providers as faster as possible by verifying

via virtual meetings. Hence, it proves more cost-effective. As this process most processes, it is not paper-

based. You can easily manage credentials by accessing them from any location with more portability.

Healthcare organizations can seamlessly maintain compliance with the help of industry credentialing

regulations and requirements. With digital physician credentialing in place, you can automatically set alerts

and reminders to monitor deadlines as well as renewable dates for multiple certificates, licenses, and other

medical requirements.

What are the 10 must-have features in a digital medical credentialing platform?

For the proficient and effective credentialing process, the digital physician credentialing platform should

have the following 10 features as listed below:


Healthcare organizations should consume more time and money every year on credentialing their providers.

Furthermore, any errors in credentialing can turn out to be more expensive with a waste of time followed

by legal liability, malpractice issues, or referral issues.

Hence, it’s high time to partner with medical locum agencies like ProLocums and streamline this

complicated and expensive process in order to boost efficiency. Our top-notch digital medical credentialing

process can help you save time and money by getting rid of administrative paperwork.

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