How To Identify The Right Locum Tenens For Your Care Facility During The First Interview?

Locum tenens jobs are temporary healthcare job replacements for an employee who will work on a short-term basis. They may or may not be endowed with permanent status in the future, and it all depends upon demand and supply. They are hired on strict temporary or contractual terms and conditions.

Importance of locum doctor job in a hospital

When you are running a hospital, you need to make sure the patients are taken care of. A complete and competent team of well-trained and licensed staff becomes a mandatory requirement. And by default, you need to have locum physicians, who will replace your regular staff in their absence. It is important to short-list locum physicians beforehand so that they can be appointed on an urgent basis, as and when required,

Finding the right locum doctor

Any hiring process needs to be efficient so that there is minimum wastage of resources on the part of the employer as well as the employee. The interview process needs to be done such that a single interview shall line up multiple eligible candidates which can later be short-listed and appointed. If conducted properly, the first interview will be sufficient for its purpose. The hospital needs to be prepared so that they conduct the process in a fast and effective manner. When hiring locum tenens physicians for a hospital setting, the following aspects have to be fulfilled.

1. Job requirement

The interviewer as well as the interviewee has to know the locum doctor's job profile. The locum doctor job description has to be crystal clear. What are the duties to be met, what are the job timings, is there any scope for overtime or emergency duty, is there any possibility to be transferred to a remote location, whether on-campus accommodation is preferred or available, etc? All these points must be discussed and the candidate must be evaluated based on flexibility and readiness to cooperate.

2.Impartial judgment

The interviewing panel must be clear regarding what they are looking for, and based on that, should question each candidate with a similar sequence of questions to be able to perform impartial comparison and judgment. The physician may be asked for the type of medical emergencies they have handled, their past medical case experiences, patient relations, licensure status, and likewise.

3. Openness to suggestions

Often, the candidates have better ideas to improve workflow or increase business than the administration team. Being open to ideas and suggestions, right from the time of the interview, there will be a positive working environment to grow towards a better future for both hospitals and locum tenens.

4. Experience counts

The locum physician should always be provided a specific chance to demonstrate past experiences and acquired talents. The interview panel should give importance to past knowledge, positions, job promotions, positions, and additional skills or certifications acquired by the candidate during his/her past career. It is always advantageous to have a multifaceted group of individuals as part of a team working towards a specific common goal.

5. Personal outlook and grooming

The doctor should have a charming, confident and influential body language and personality. Any society will desire that healthcare professionals can be looked upon as ideal individuals. Hence, having the correct posture, language, professional knowledge, skills, and attitude toward their fellow human beings are mandatory. These humane qualities must be specifically evaluated while hiring a locum tenens physician for a hospital setting.

6. Background check

All individuals have a past. A background check is very easy to perform in today’s digital times. It is essential to have a clean background devoid of any lawsuits, expired licensures, negligence, or incompetency claims by legal authorities. The locum physician must have a valid academic record,certifications, licenses, and certified work experience.

Wrapping Up

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