How Should You Prepare for a Locum Tenens Provider to Join Your Care Facility

Unlike nurses and allied healthcare professionals who are assigned mostly for 13-week assignments, locum physicians are filled for specialized roles for a prolonged duration. Considering the seriousness of the role, they are not allowed to ramp up as they proceed.

Hence if you want locum tenens providers to deliver their services effectively, they should be prepared well by offering coverage in association with your permanent staff.

This article aims to highlight several strategies for onboarding locum tenens.


Strategies to On-board Locum Physicians

1.     Provide a brief about the routine tasks before on-boarding

Mostly, locum tenens fill the positions of a full-time physician who is on vacation. Hence, they should be well prepared in advance by providing a brief about the duties they should cover.

2.     Provide instructions to your staff

Make sure to inform your full-time professionals about the arrival of the locum tenens provider in advance. This step will give an opportunity to clarify the routine tasks, address concerns or questions, and report your expectations regarding teamwork during the locum assignment.

3.     Logistics

See if you’ve communicated the expectations from the locum physician on their first day. Make sure to notify the security personnel about the arrival of new locums. The basic tasks like the quickest way for access to any service or point of contact should be notified well in advance.

4.     Policies and regulations

Regarding infection control and safety, do you want the locum tenens to be aware before joining your organization? Maintain the policy or regulation list so that it can be shared with any new locum candidate.

5.     Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Make sure to fix the issues related to EHR. The major objective of locum tenens physicians is to deliver care to their patients without any administrative hassles. Unlike full-time care professionals, locum tenens are not involved in administrative tasks. At the same time, locum physicians should be able to navigate the care facility’s EHR system without any hassles. So, check if the EHR system is working properly so that locum providers can navigate it effortlessly.

6.     One point of contact

As mentioned already, locum tenens providers are meant to see as many patients as possible during their shift. Hence, they don’t have time to waste. In that case, make sure to have one point of contact (recruiter or an account representative) so locums can utilize their time in care delivery.


Final Thoughts

It’s the ultimate responsibility of a healthcare organization to use its locum staff in an efficient manner so that locum providers can focus on doing their best in care delivery. Remember that only locum tenens, unlike any other professionals, can help in driving more revenue. So, make sure to prepare your care setting in advance to welcome the new locum tenens provider.  


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