FAQs about Working with a Locum Staffing Agency

Physicians venturing into locum work, or considering it, often have numerous questions regarding the process, benefits, and what to expect while on assignment. To address these queries, ProLocums has created a comprehensive series of FAQs. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the advantages of working with a locum healthcare agency?

Working with a locum staffing agency offers several advantages. Agencies provide access to multiple opportunities, both regionally and nationally. For instance, a physician might work at a large metropolitan teaching hospital one month and a remote Indian Health Service clinic the next. If a physician prefers a particular practice style, such as rural medicine, agencies can often provide consistent work that aligns with these preferences. Additionally, agencies like ProLocums propose varied support services that save doctors energy and time significantly. Furthermore, working through an agency also helps doctors stay busy, minimizing downtime between assignments.

Should I use a staffing agency to find locum jobs?

While some providers prefer negotiating their own locum jobs to secure higher pay rates, using an agency simplifies the process. ProLocums can help locate the ideal assignment, whenever and wherever you expect. With agency assistance, physicians are well-prepared for their next exciting opportunity. Although online job boards exist, many healthcare organizations prefer working with locum staffing agencies to fill positions quickly. Agencies not only provide physician staffing services but also manage contracts, paperwork, state licensing, and the credentialing or privileging processes required for each position, enabling physicians to start work as soon as possible.

What type of support services do locum staffing agencies provide?

A reputable, full-service locum staffing agency typically offers the following:

  1. Regular assignments
  2. Appropriate matching of physicians to assignments
  3. Paid malpractice insurance
  4. Paid accommodation
  5. Credentialing and licensure assistance
  6. Assignment orientation
  7. Full logistical support

How do I enjoy all the benefits of working with a locum agency?

To maximize locum work opportunities, maintain regular contact with your recruiter and foster a good relationship. Being proactive in communication will secure more jobs than waiting for the agency to contact you. Be specific about your preferences and keep your CV updated with your latest experience and goals.

Do I have an option to choose where I go?

Yes. As an independent contractor, you have the freedom to choose where and when you practice. You can select from the opportunities presented by the agency and decide which assignments to take. Agencies should not dictate your work schedule or location.

Once I select an agency, what happens next?

Your first contact with a locum staffing agency is usually through a recruiter who will gauge your interest in locum practice. The recruiter will gather information about your medical training, licensure, and personal and professional interests. They may also contact you about specific opportunities and coordinate logistics like licensure, credentialing, travel, and accommodation.

Some agencies, like ProLocums, allocate a staffing consultant to each doctor and client. This consultant ensures coordination of all assignments and works with both the Licensing and Credentialing Departments to ensure that physicians have all necessary documents for each assignment.

How do I find the best locum healthcare agency?

Finding the best locum agency requires some research to ensure they meet your needs in terms of:

  1. Assignments: Look for agencies with openings that match your interests, experience, and work preferences, and ensure they have enough openings to keep you busy.
  2. Services: Agencies should offer essential services to help you find and start your position, including ongoing support throughout your contract, such as malpractice insurance, travel arrangements, credentialing, and employee paperwork.
  3. Pay: Discuss pay rates with the agency. Some agencies offer higher pay and better services and benefits than others.

Do agencies take a cut from my pay?

No, locum agencies do not deduct any amount from your salary. Instead, they charge the hospital a fee for finding you, ensuring compliance, and managing the booking process.

How long before I want to start working should I contact agencies?

Ideally, begin the registration process 45 to 60 days before you want to start work. This timeframe allows enough time to complete registration and handle any issues or delays. It also provides the opportunity to book popular shifts in advance, which can fill up quickly as the start date approaches.

For more information about working on a ProLocums assignment, please contact us today or visit our Job Search page.

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