8 Tips for Getting a Locum Tenens Job

Are you looking for a locum tenens job?

Locum tenens is one of the most sought jobs among physicians who are not looking to work full-time. While the healthcare industry is always looking for locum doctors, finding the right locum job can be difficult. However with research you can land a good locum physician job. Doing research is more crucial than ever for locum physicians to conduct their searches, present themselves in the best light, negotiate top pay rates, and eventually land the roles they desire, especially in this digital era where agencies have gone online.

Here are some insider advice and best practices to guide you during your locum job search:

Know what you want.

The practice of working as a locum physician is growing, therefore it is crucial to know exactly what you’re looking for before you start your search. Locum physicians are in demand, but there are tons of physicians who are still confused about choosing the job.

Before you choose a locum job you must be sure about your job location preference and our ease to do the assignment.

Update your CV

Your CV and resume make a powerful first impression, which means that the right formatting and design can make a huge difference in how quickly you get read.

While recruiters go through your CV they wish to see your achievements, experience, and relevant certifications for practical skills. The recruiter usually prefers documents in .doc format, and some short-form needed forms like one-page work history descriptions. In addition, the recruiters also look for additional verifications on education/experience in specific areas.

Affix a professional photo on the job board profile:

Show off your skills and put your best foot forward by uploading a professional headshot photo to your online job board profiles. A polished online profile and professionally-taken photos help you stand out from the pack and help to humanize you in a sea of candidates.

Get your profile picture ready, and get your online job board profiles ready to go. You can generate some much-needed early exposure and make sure you don’t miss out on this growing trend.

Get back to your recruiter’s request within 24 hours:

The worm is caught by the early bird. The most responsive prospects frequently receive the most attention because recruiters are constantly in active communication with numerous excellent individuals. Additionally, a high degree of involvement tells recruiters that you are excited about an opportunity, which is a highly positive indication. And we'll be just as excited to hire you as you are about working for us!

Be nice, or risk being put on the do not recruit list

Physician locum tenens employment is a very small industry and, frequently, doctors and recruiters might have worked together earlier. We network by running names by each other, getting to know new people, and encouraging one another through tough times. It’s not uncommon to share our experience with certain candidates if asked. So, if you are keen on working as a locum physician it’s important to develop and maintain a reputation for being kind, responsive, and comfortable to work with.

The job market is competitive, and every agency has much excellent staff that could work for you. It’s important to build a reputation for being kind, responsive, and easy to work with.

Always keep in mind that pay rates and terms are flexible.

Negotiating a salary or compensation package is one of the most challenging and complex aspects of starting a career. However, with a little finesse, you can secure an impressive jump in income and find a rewarding role that you want to walk away from.

You can use Nomad to research and compare job opportunities, which will help you determine a fair salary range based on their industry average. This will not only help you see what your target pay is, but also how much it could potentially be if you negotiate for it.

Be candid about sharing malpractice cases

Being involved in or having resolved malpractice litigation does not automatically rule someone out of consideration for locum tenens employment. With your consultant and representatives from the institution, it's crucial to be open and honest about the specifics in response to any inquiries.

Obtain Multiple licenses:

An individual's choice of where to apply for licensing as a clinician is their own, but if you're intending to accept locum tenens work outside of your home state, having a license in hand makes you a more competitive applicant. Additionally, licensed providers—or those who meet the requirements for physicians to participate in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact—are given preference for these time-sensitive positions when facilities have urgent needs and cannot wait for candidates to complete the sometimes protracted application process.


By ensuring to follow the best practice for finding a locum tenens job you can enhance your possibility of getting hired as a locum physician. By ensuring your preference followed by obtaining multiple licenses, sharing candid details, and ensuring you have a great CV you take a step towards your new locum job.

Although locum physicians are in demand still if you face challenges in getting hired as a locum physician try ProLocums which offers the best locum jobs while ensuring transparency in rates.

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