7 Pro-tips for selecting a good locum tenens staffing service provider

Are you waiting for your recruitment agent to contact you about the availability of new opportunities?

It is common among locum tenens staff to wait for their agents to contact them about new opportunities. While this wait can be long and sometimes disappointing. To overcome this phase, the locum tenens staffers wish for a locum tenens service that helps them find a job without calling the recruitment agent or scanning through long email trails.

After understanding this concern our locum tenens our agency came up with a staffing platform to redefine the healthcare staffing ecosystem.

What should you look for in a locum tenens staffing service provider?

Before selecting a locum tenens service, you must ascertain that the locum service provider helps you with:

Regular assignments:

Choose a locum tenens provider that assists in finding regular assignments based on your preferred slot. Do not opt for a provider where you depend on a recruitment agent for staffing.

Appropriate matching of the physician to assignment:

Choose a part-time physician job provider that helps you filter the jobs based on your area of interest and availability. If your service provider helps you filter the jobs you do not need to waste time scrolling for the most appropriate job for you.

Paid malpractice insurance:

Before opting for a locum tenens service provider, please ensure they help you with paid malpractice insurance. This insurance cover can help you to manage any claims your patients may ask if there was a breach in medical conduct.

Paid travel assignments:

Always ensure that your service provider assists in getting paid travel assignments. Never opt for a service provider who asks you to pay from your pocket for travel for your work.

Credentialing assistance:

While choosing a locum tenens service provider, pick a service that helps you with the credentialing process. Credentialing is a time-consuming process and, if the service provider helps you with it, you can use that time for something more productive.

Assistance with licensure:

Before confirming a locum service provider ensure that they help you with your medical licenses because getting multi-state licenses is a time-consuming process.

Full logistical support:

Ensure that your locum tenens service provider helps you with full logistical support during your physician’s assignment.

Good logistic support ensures that you get assistance with your licensing, credentialing, travel, and accommodation.


Choosing locum tenens as your career is your decision. But while providing locum services to healthcare facilities, you must be careful in selecting the correct locum tenens staffing provider. An excellent full-service locum tenens service provider works to ensure full support to the doctor. Also, they filter jobs for a physician based on their skills and availability.

If you find it challenging to find a good locum service provider, please contact us. We at Prolocum strive hard to assist you with the best services so that you can save time while you earn more. Live a better locum life with ProLocum.

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