What to Expect in Your Contract While Working as Locum Tenens Physician?

If you are considering a locum tenens physician career, you need to understand the contract involved with this type of work. This article aims to understand what should one expect in a locum tenens contract. So, keep reading!

Signing a Locum Tenens Physician Contract

When you sign a locum tenens contract, your medical locum agency becomes the owner of your relationship with the facility or health system in which you work for a certain amount of time. This implies you can't straightforwardly contract with or is utilized the well-being framework - or a piece of it - until the agreement lapses or is purchased out.

Understand contract language

Normal contract deals with the duration, when, and where an organization claims the relationship. It should also incorporate the date of the last assignment.

Because of the terms and requirements of the contract, it is important to think about when and where you might want to take a more permanent position.

It may be preferable to select "locums to permanent" assignments if you intend to use locum tenens assignments to gain experience with the culture and operations of a health system on your way to a permanent position.

Pay attention to the contract's buy-out clauses and duration

Pay attention to the contract's buy-out clauses and duration if you sign a locum tenens physician contract immediately following residency. If a hospital wants to hire you, you could be a financial risk if they have to wait a certain amount of time or pay a fee to buy out your contract.

Hospitals or health systems that want to hire you may be subject to contract buy-out fees. If you want to change agencies or end your contract early, you might also have to pay a buy-out fee.

Keep in mind that your assignment will not result in a loss for a locum tenens agency.

Contracting with a medical locum agency

Perform your due diligence and learn everything you can about the agency's offerings and expectations. At the same time, you should be realistic about your own expectations: neither your family nor your motorcycle will be transported to your new workplace by air.

Locum tenens physician contracts are important to hospitals because they make it easy to add doctors to their patient care teams. Keep that in mind as you negotiate contracts.

It is essential to take the time to get to know an agency before beginning your search along with assignment details, housing options, travel and living arrangements, licensing, and malpractice insurance.

Remember that you can choose what you want to do and where you want to go. Make the effort to locate the ideal match.

Read the Cancellation Policies

Check out the cancellation policies for each assignment that is provided by your medical locum agency. There are rules to follow if the health system or you cancel an assignment. Make sure you read the entire contract in detail.

Make sure you know exactly what will happen if the health system cancels the assignment or you withdraw from an assignment. The health system may require a 30-day notice to avoid paying a fee.

Working Directly with a Health System

You can also decide to work with a health system directly rather than with a medical locum agency. Contracts for these arrangements contain distinctive elements.

When you work with a medical locum agency, the work that needs to be done is done for you by the agency.

You will need to handle many things on your own if you want to contract directly with a hospital or health system, including credentials and licensing, purchase malpractice insurance, and living and travel expenses.

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