How to Use Locums to Boost Your Hospital Revenue

A long-term healthcare staffing agency like ProLocums recognizes the difficulties healthcare facilities face in optimizing service line revenue due to the healthcare labor shortage and increased demand for physicians. To counter this, hospitals and medical facilities are investing a higher percentage of their budget in temporary staffing.

By strategically utilizing locums, healthcare facilities can boost patient visits and procedures, thus recovering potential lost revenue. Healthcare revenue issues stem from patient backlogs and labor shortages. Many hospitals are still struggling to bounce back from the pause on elective procedures, resulting in monthly revenue losses ranging from $16.3 to $17.7 billion for US hospitals, totaling nearly $200 billion yearly.

Furthermore, margin projections at the end of 2022 were down by 37% compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to research by Kaufman Hall. Patient backlogs and an anticipated shortage of 124,000 physicians by 2033 continue to impede care delivery and harm hospital revenue.

Integrating a flexible workforce into your healthcare facility’s staffing plan can swiftly aid in recovering untapped revenue. Let’s read how.

How locums can boost hospital revenue

Locum tenens can assist hospitals and health systems in addressing revenue challenges through the following means:

1. Rapidly Fill Open Positions

Temporary staffing provides a more flexible option compared to permanent hiring, which can be a lengthy process. Having a long-term hospital staffing solution can credential and onboard a qualified locum within just 30 days. Our services extend beyond simple placement, as we take the time to match you with the ideal locum that not only fits your workplace culture but also seamlessly integrates into your team. We also conduct thorough vetting to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications to support your strategic goals. Patient demand fluctuates, and utilizing locum staff offers a swift and adaptable solution to guarantee access to care for your community while maximizing revenue opportunities.

2. Boost Procedure Utilization for Revenue Growth

Engaging locum staff allows you to ramp up revenue-generating procedures during peak demand periods. Revenue generation in healthcare facilities can vary by specialty, making locum support crucial. It enables an immediate uptick in high-value procedures that your facility can offer. Furthermore, locum services ensure your team has a diverse range of medical specialties, optimizing all service areas with the right expertise.

3. Combat Burnout with Locum Staff

Utilizing locum staff can be a valuable way to support your permanent healthcare team, alleviate work pressures, and enhance employee morale. Hiring temporary professionals can help minimize recruitment expenses, streamline onboarding processes, and enable healthcare facilities to provide top-notch care. With the current challenges in physician recruitment, prioritizing the satisfaction of your locum team is crucial for staff retention.

4. Boost Patient Satisfaction Scores and Referrals

Ensuring patients have timely access to healthcare services is essential for retaining them and encouraging referrals. By lightening the workload of full-time employees, medical facilities can offer superior care to both new and existing patients. Forge beneficial staffing alliances with a long-term hospital staffing solution to swiftly acquire the necessary resources for your community. This approach results in heightened patient satisfaction levels and increased referrals.

5. Achieve Strategic Objectives & Increase Revenue

ProLocums can assist you in reaching strategic goals and objectives through tailored staffing solutions that meet your specific requirements. We can aid in the expansion or introduction of new service lines at your medical facility, as well as in transitioning your program from an outsourced to an in-house structure. We aim to help your medical institution generate additional revenue while accomplishing strategic objectives that pave the way for sustained success.

As your trusted staffing ally, ProLocums is tasked with ensuring all necessary shifts are filled with high-quality personnel, guaranteeing consistent patient care, and optimizing revenue generation. We offer comprehensive assistance in enhancing collections, curbing prolonged locum expenditures, and ultimately boosting revenue for your medical center.

To discover more about how we can assist in reclaiming overlooked revenue at your hospital or medical facility, contact our long-term healthcare staffing agency - ProLocums today.

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