Five reasons why you should opt for a healthcare staffing agency?

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Recruiting healthcare staff is a tedious and time-consuming process because the recruitment process involves documentation and credentialing. The recruitment process has become more complicated since there is a low unemployment rate in the healthcare industry. Low unemployment and advanced technology can make it difficult for healthcare facilities to hire staff.

However, for good medical practice, you need efficient staff support. Keeping this objective in consideration, several healthcare facilities have opted for healthcare staffing agencies for their staffing needs.

But have you ever wondered how your practice benefits from a recruitment agency? Well! Let us understand it.

What are the benefits of recruiting healthcare staff through a healthcare staffing agency?

Hiring medical staff through a staffing agency has several benefits:

Increased likelihood of hiring board-certified staff:

The Healthcare industry is a lucrative industry with low unemployment rates. This low unemployment rate makes it difficult to hire healthcare staff.

But medical staffing agencies have access to an extensive database of your potential employees. By hiring through a staffing agency, your job vacancy becomes visible to a large number of suitable candidates.

Thus by choosing an agency, you can choose from a large number of talented professionals rather than selecting from a handful of professionals who applied for the job.

Get access to Locum tenens physicians for more flexibility:

By hiring using a healthcare staffing agency, you get the flexibility of choosing the employment type. Suppose your healthcare facility is running out of staff during a flu season when you have an increased flow of patients. If you are looking for healthcare staffing during the holiday season, you can contact a medical staffing agency to help you with your staffing needs.

These locum tenens physicians are generally on the agency's payroll, so you do not have to worry about extensive paperwork or covering unemployment insurance.

Reduces your hiring cost:

Hiring is a time-consuming task, running a traditional ad for hiring costs a lot of money. You need to create an ad, run it in newspapers and get a response. But this is not the end you need to go through the resume of each applicant and sort the ones who are eligible. Once you sort this list you conduct interviews and select the best candidate which takes a lot of time.

While you need to hire staff you also need to take care of your patients. By reducing the hiring time and easing the process of hiring you can help your patients with more time.

Therefore by choosing a staffing agency you reduce the time you spend on rolling out an ad and segregating the resume.

Helps to build a hiring strategy

Healthcare facilities and organizations benefit considerably by using healthcare staffing agencies. This is mainly because these agencies have access to several talented candidates based on the needs of your healthcare facility.

The staffing agency helps you with your workforce necessities based on your needs and requirements so that you get the right candidate as an employee.

Besides helping you with recruitment the agency also helps you with staffing strategy to help you generate better ROI.

Gives you the ease to try out an employee before permanent hiring:

Employing healthcare staff through a healthcare staffing agency can help you try them before hiring them permanently. This is essential because there are times when a facility finds it hard to ensure that an employee will be a good fit for the organization through an interview.

However, by enrolling healthcare staff as locum tenens, you can ensure that the employee is a perfect fit for your organization or not.


Medical staffing agencies have helped several healthcare facilities hire the best candidates for their business. Besides helping to ease the hiring process, these agencies help you connect with a talented pool of potential candidates. The benefits are limited to finding a suitable candidate, but it also helps reduce the money and time you would have spent during the hiring process.

By choosing a good Healthcare staffing agency like Prolocum, you can get access to a pool of talented healthcare professionals who can be a potential candidate for your business.

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