12 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Locum Tenens Position

Are you quitting quietly? In the healthcare industry, are unfair non-locum and locum tenens staffing ratios and productivity paranoia making you feel down? Are you seeking travel that is more adventurous and flexible? The perks of working as a locum physician may be the solution to all of your healthcare employment problems:

Benefits include:

  1. Greater flexibility
  2. Travel opportunities
  3. Work-life balance
  4. New and exciting work environments
  5. Greater compensation
  6. More diversity
  7. Less administrative responsibilities

Locum Physicians vs. Non-Locum Physicians

Numerous healthcare facilities in the United States employ locum tenens providers. Locum tenens providers temporarily fill in for one another as placeholders. Locum physicians are employed by hospitals, Federally Qualified Clinics, Urgent Care Facilities, Dental Clinics, Rural Healthcare Clinics, and Correctional Facilities.

Patients treated by locums had shorter hospital stays, lower costs, and no increase in readmission or mortality, according to a recent 2021 study. Another 2020 study, which was published in World Neurosurgery, found that there were no differences between locum and non-locum neurosurgeons in terms of costs, hospital stays, or short-term complications.

Locum physicians are still being used by healthcare facilities to fill a variety of locum tenens staffing gaps

In 2021, approximately 88% of healthcare facilities reported using locum tenens advanced practice providers to fill locum tenens staffing gaps. While looking for permanent staff replacements, many facilities are utilizing advanced practice locum physicians to address rising patient demand, provider burnout, and the need for additional staff.

What to Expect When Talking to a Healthcare Locum Tenens Recruiter

You've probably received a lot of emails from different locum tenens companies. A recruiter for locums may have sent you a series of unwelcome text messages in which they offer you a job and the chance to travel to a new and exciting location.

Things can be confusing when you first enter the uncharted waters of the locum tenens job market. The key to getting the best locum assignment is finding the right recruiter.

Free of charge, locum recruiters can connect you with potential job opportunities. Numerous people have developed relationships with prestigious facilities. The primary responsibility of the recruiter is to ensure that the healthcare provider candidate is an ideal match for the client. A good locum recruiter helps to advocate for safe locum tenens staffing parameters and communicates directly with the facility. Additionally, the recruiter will represent you in negotiations regarding pay and benefits.

Considerations for a Locums Assignment - Questions to Ask Your Recruiter:

  1. How many patients will you see per hour, the type of charting, paid orientation, malpractice coverage, and what kind of job support will you receive?
  2. Does the facility where you will work have a lab on-site?
  3. When does payday occur?
  4. Contract length; policy on cancellation; sick days; travel arrangements, parking, and lodging

Job responsibilities:

Not all advanced healthcare providers and nurses are created equal. Before accepting or arriving at the assignment, the locum tenens recruiter should clarify the healthcare providers' responsibilities.


All providers must undergo a credentialing process before beginning a new locum tenens assignment. Copies of your CV and any other required documents, such as diplomas, license information, malpractice insurance, work references, and your NPI number, may be requested by a recruiter.

The regulated credentialing procedure for advanced healthcare providers evaluates and evaluates their particular qualifications. Consequently, doctors, dentists, and other advanced healthcare providers must undergo education, training, and licensing verification as crucial safety checks to ensure that they can provide adequate patient care.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

A lot of nurses and medical professionals have their own malpractice insurance. With each assignment, the locum tenens company ought to provide some kind of malpractice insurance to all healthcare providers. It is important for the healthcare provider to clarify whether the coverage applies to all incidents or only to the assignment location.

Travel and Accommodations

On a locum tenens assignment, traveling to a new location can be exciting. Contracts for locums can be short-term or long-term. They can be found in rural or touristy areas. Local travel within your home state or city is another option. Accommodations and travel opportunities may differ depending on the contracting facility.

Final Thoughts

Are you prepared to begin your new position as a locum physician? ProLocums has a lot of interesting long- and short-term locum jobs. Contact us for more information.

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