Job Details

Start Date 02/06/2024


  • ASAP - ongoing
  • Schedule: 1-2 weeks of Hospital OB Call each month and 4-8 days in the Clinic for General GYN patients (consecutive)
  • Shift type- 4 -10 hour shift in clinic a week and OB/pediatric on call. 1:4 hospital coverage.
  • Inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • If FP/OB, provider will take pediatric and OB call at the same time!
  • Must be qualified to handle c-sections. OB procedures and minor family practice procedures. OB cases. 
  • 18-25 clinic patients
  • Admissions per day: clinic-based provider with 0-1 hospital admission
  • Patients/day: in the clinic, they would see about 15- 17 patients a day in the clinic 
  • Types of cases: a variety of Family Practice and OB types of cases
  • Number of deliveries: 94 a year C-sections: approx. 40/year
  • 15 min call response time
  • EMR: Cerner
  • Support staff: Supervisor, MA, clerks.
  • Locums will not be responsible for supervising healthcare providers
  • Patient Type- Female, all adult ages, pregnancies, well women, GYN problems 
  • Volume of deliveries: 10-15 a month. May increase slightly as the hospital north of site just lost a couple of their docs. 
  • Would they consider one regular Family Practice physician and one OBGYN who would handle the C-sections? No, we need someone who can do both. We are a small facility in a small community need someone qualified to do both. 
  • Do you know the patient ratio of Family Practice cases vs OB cases? Family Practice: 95% 
  • Is the OB 24-hour call week to be concurrent with one of the other weeks the physician would work in the clinic? Or is that separate for a total of 2-3 weeks per month? Concurrent
  • Would you consider FP with OB experience since there is no OB fellowship under the FM certification? They need to be able to do C-sections on their own. 
  • How many hours of call and is there a post call day? 24hr shifts / 1 week
  • What’s the backup situation? General Surgeon on Call that can close C-section 
  • Am I doing OR gyn days as well? No, would be Family Medicine Pt's in Clinic and OB Call only. 
  • Is call in house or ok from hotel? No in house call. Hotel only. 
  • Is there a cap on how many clinic patients are given? 14

Job Summary

Location Mount Shasta, California
Job Type Locum
Profession Physician
Board BC or BE
Coverage Type Call Only


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Benefits of Locum Jobs

Whether you’re just starting your career, looking for a mid-career change, or looking for a way to serve the community after retirement, locum tenens jobs could be the answer to your needs.
  • Earn extra income
  • Set your own schedule
  • Enjoy time & location flexibility
  • Medical malpractice coverage
  • Discover diverse practice settings
  • Direct deposit payroll services
  • Reduction in administrative hassles
  • Diversify your resume
  • Timely service to the community
  • Test your career choice
  • Enjoy tax benefits
  • Opportunity to explore